Parents and Citizens Association (P&C)

The Parents and Citizens’ Association (P&C) is an organisation of the Northampton District High School (NDHS) community that welcomes parents, guardians, school staff and community members, to join our committee and become a collective voice that aims to make a positive difference to our school; in a way that benefits our kids!

Our current P&C is made up of a wonderful group of parents and guardians that meet once a term, on weekday, after school in our library, to discuss how we would like to contribute to our children’s education, and school environment, and what fun activities we think the kids would really get a kick out of – like the Halloween Disco!

We fundraise during the year so that we can better provide for projects that have been asked for by the staff and agreed on by the P&C – such as painting of the school mural, purchasing of iPads for our students, funding for a new Initialit Program, shade sails/structures to be built and even a nature footpath. These are just a few of the many, many projects our NHDS P&C have been able to give back to the school over the past couple of years.

By providing fresh Monday morning teas to the students for $1, hosting and or catering for community dinners, catering for the school and interschool sports carnivals, holding Mothers and Fathers day stalls, Easter Raffles, discos, and sausage sizzles is how we do most of our fundraising.

If you join our P&C, whilst we would love to see you there, it is not expected that you make it to every meeting – we all have busy lives! Or that you help out at every single function. What we ask is that you contribute your time, or help by donating a salad or slice when needed, or giving our committee some great ideas. – Some Of The Time. – If you can make it every meeting, and are happy to help wherever you can, great! But we also love the saying – many hands makes light work.

Joining the P&C is a great way to meet other families within the school and community. We have a great network of family and friends here in Northampton and a great bunch of volunteers on our committee, but there is always room for more! We have a lot of fun, and it is something of a proud, rewarding moment when you collate all the things the P&C have contributed to the school and think –  I or my partner or my parents or my friends helped achieve that.

 Bridgette Pullella is our current president and if you have any questions at all about joining or helping out with a fundraiser or two, please get in touch with her on 0429 343 168.