Kindy/Pre-Primary: Michelle Markham
Year 1/2:  Indigo Smart
Year 3:  Joanna Goforth
Year 4/5: Kara Sekulov
Year 6: Viv Sellers

Art:  Barbara Williams
PE: Marelle Rann
Music/Digital Tech: Rachel Cotton
Languages PP-6 (Indonesian):  Katie Low

Secondary (7-10) Specialist:
English/HASS: Solitaire Cameron
Languages 7-8 (Wajarri): Edie Maher
Health/PE: Marelle Rann
Maths: Bridie Teakle
Science: Cara Hasleby
Art: Valerie Harris
Music(7-8)/Digi Tech:  Rachel Cotton
Home Economics:  Jo Harrison
Design and Technology: Kim Rogers
 Special Needs Education Assistant:
 Lead EA: Rochelle Hose
 Lynne Atkinson
 Aleesha Greenfield
 Anna Jackson
 Demi Walton 
 Reberta Marrone
 Rebecca Wemyss
 Jayde Teakle
 Amity Francis

 AEIO: Natalie Cox, Edie Maher 

Kindergarten – Pre-Primary:

Welcome to our Early Childhood Centre! Kindergarten and Pre-Primary is a time where children are able to explore and learn through play in a learning enriched environment.  It is an exciting time as they become more independent, make new friends and discover ways to share, co-operate and to socialise with peers and with adults outside their immediate family.

We acknowledge the vital role families play as the child’s first and most influential teacher and aim to work in partnership with you to develop your child’s natural curiosity and a positive attitude to learning. The centre provides an environment where your child is able to develop in all learning areas—physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. We provide an extensive array of inside and outside activities that cater for all children’s needs, interests and learning styles. At our centre we structure the learning environment to incorporate play while implementing the Early Years Learning Framework combined with the WA Kindergarten Guidelines, the Australian Curriculum and National Quality Standard.

General Information
In 2024, we will have a combined Kindy/Pre Primary class in the Early Childhood Centre.

Pre Primary is now compulsory and children who are of this age must enrol at a school. Kindergarten is not compulsory, however once your child is enrolled at school it is recommended they attend regulalry. Kindergarten is a good time to instil good attendance behaviours. Parents must endeavour to send their child to school regularly and provide the school with reasonable explanation for absences either by calling, texting, emailing the school or by sending in a note to explain. We recognise that  parents are in the best place to judge their child’s ability to cope with the challenges of school life, and parents are able to negotiate with the class teacher a transition to school should it be required.

Kindergarten Sessions

Kindergarten is available to children who turn four years of age by June 30th in the year they are to attend. Kindy children begin an exciting learning journey that will help them reach their full potential in life. 

Students will attend three days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the whole year.  This gives students over the required 15 hours a week across the school year as required by the Education Department.

Session Times: 8:50am – 3:05pm

Children should be dropped at school at 8.35am and be picked up at 3.05pm.  Please observe these times as closely as possible as late arrivals are disruptive to our class routines and may be a cause of anxiety for your child.  If you are dropping your child off, please wait with them until 8.35am or until the doors are open. We encourage parents to come into class with the children to do a puzzle, a literacy game and/or read some books.

Written notification or a phone  call is required if another person, other than a legal parent or guardian, is to pick up your child. Please ask the other person to identify themselves to the classroom teacher before picking children up.

School Fees & Voluntary Contributions
Whilst school fees are voluntary, we do encourage our families to contribute. By making a contribution we can purchase additional educational programs and resources. These funds can be paid to the school office.

Kindergarten – $60.00
Pre-Primary – $60.00

Bus Children
Bus children will be accompanied after school to the bus stop at the front of the school and will be left in charge of the duty teacher.  It is essential that you notify the school and the bus driver, in writing where possible, or by a phone call of any changes to routines.

At NDHS we value strong relationships between our school families and caregivers. Our parents and caregivers have much to offer the Pre-Primary and Kindergarten programs with their expertise, skills and knowledge. We appreciate the individuality of each child and the unique set of experiences they bring with them. Through interactive activities, new understandings are stimulated and with teacher guidance, become more complex and involved as time passes. Children and parents are encouraged to be actively involved in planning the learning environment.


Year 1- Year 10

The Northampton District High School community welcomes all families who will be associated with our vibrant school. We take pride in our excellent facilities, our openness to new ideas and new people, our quality learning opportunities, and our care for our students.

The teachers at NDHS are well qualified, experienced, and dedicated. They are constantly exploring better ways to help your child learn, and value your role as the parent educator. You can be assured that the children’s best interests are our prime motivation.
The importance of home and school working together to provide children with supportive care throughout their primary and secondary schooling cannot be emphasised enough.

At NDHS we work hard to provide a high quality education for every child; however we can’t do it alone. We encourage you to be involved in the work of our school, in the classroom, at P&C meetings, the School Board and at home with your child. Research clearly shows that parent and community involvement in schools improves student achievement. To reach their potential, students need parents and the community to take an active role in their education.

Northampton District High School download our Parent handook here